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We're going to explore how to use, modify and extend Joomla! through a series of tutorials written by AlfyStudio.com I appreciate your feedback and comments. If you have any recommendation or suggestion don't hesitate to contact us. Don't forget to digg or bookmark these tutorials help spread the word!

Multilingual Support, Speaking your user's language! PDF Print E-mail

I think most of Joomla! users came across extensions with parameters and options like ja or sì and you figure it's yes from the context or by trial! Is it just OK to ignore internationalization/translation and assume that the user will figure it out himself? It's Sì beside No so it's apparent it means Yes! If you think so; Think again!

Recently I was working on a website using Dutch as a default language. I logged in to the administration panel and started to work. The backend was in Dutch but I assumed everything will be OK since I work with Joomla almost everyday!! So I know the location of every thing and the icons will help etc ... I thought "It's OK, I will figure it out!". Three minutes later I was frustrated and took more time to do simple tasks. I logged out then logged in after choosing English instead of default; Work became easier after that.

Internationalization isn't hard, it's one more step you do to make your users happier. I am not talking about translating your work; just provide them with the solid ground they can use to make their own translations. When I started Calendar Stamp I got translations for 3 languages on the first week!

Expanding the Module, Going MVC! PDF Print E-mail

ModuleOn the last tutorial, I've shown you how to create a module that connects to the database and displays links to the latest entries from Jobline. The way we coded the module was simple but it wasn't efficient to handle more complex scenarios.

In this tutorial we are going to modify our module to add more options (like the ability to display random entries). We will also explain how module output is returned and how to handle multiple layout options (like displaying results in lists or whatever format we want). In order to achieve that we need to separate the functions from the output.

Creating and Configuring Basic Joomla Module PDF Print E-mail
Joomla Module

Through this tutorial we're going to learn how to create and configure a basic module that will display information from the database. I choosed a popular component for job posting called Jobline. Jobline let you post jobs on your website and let your visitors apply. It's compatible with Joomla 1.5 legacy. We are going to develop a module that will connect to the database and list recent posted jobs and display it according to parameters we pass. On the next tutorials we'll be expanding our module to add more functions and more layouts and templates for output. This tutorial is for the beginners so bear me if you find explaination for the simplest things.