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Download Calendar Stamp 1.5

Calendar Stamp released! PDF Print E-mail

Calendar StamoCalendar Stamp is a plugin that will display the article's date in a nice way beside the title in Joomla!1.5 . Two months ago I planned to modify existing plugin by Tomasz Dobrzynsk but later I decided to write my own plugin.

Calendar Stamp comes with one template and 12 colors to choose what suits your website.


  • CSS based - Minimal use of tables.
  • W3C valid XHTML and CSS.
  • Built-in nice templates.
  • Restrict use on certain Sections, Categories or Articles.
  • Creation or modification date.
  • Show/hide original date

User Style mode:

  • Define your CSS.
  • Show/hide day, month and year
  • Define month format: Letters (Jan,Feb,Mar) or letters (01,02,03)
  • Define year format: 2009 or 09
Calendar Stamp Parameters

Note: Calendar Stamp may break the layout of some templates that use overrides. Calendar Stamp is compatible with the core layout of Joomla!1.5


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